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We offer the number 1 non surgical fat removal treatment in Shrewsbury! Lipofirm pro is a safe and effective treatment. To tell you about the service LipoFirm is an Non surgical Advanced Technology that uses TriPollar Radio-frequency this heats the skin on the outside and internally and breaks down the fat cells, due to the heat your body produces collagen and sends it to the treatment area this is responsible for the skin tightening. At the same time the machine uses DMA (dynamic muscle activation) this contracts your muscles internally and helps to sculpt your body. But also dissolves fat cells that get used as energy by the body.

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Ive been going to the gym for some time and couldn’t get rid of that last little bit of fat on my tummy. 4 sessions later and its made so much of a difference! Thank you so much Ruby
Sophie Customer
Cant get over how amazing my results were after just one treatment.

removes fat

Target areas and removes fat resulting in inch loss!

tightens skin

Thats correct! The Lipofirm pro even tighten skin at the same time. This gets rid of that unwanted loose skin.

contour body & face

Because the Lipofirm machine uses DMA this works the muscles in your body to give you the look you’ve always wanted

reduce cellulite

99% of women suffer with cellulite and this treatment hugely reduces cellulite

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legs on lipo
bum lift
loss fat on tummy
tummy fat loss
tummy tuck shrewsury
face lift
improve strech marks
face lift shrewsbury
bum lift shrewsbury

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